What types of content do you write?

I write whatever content my clients need! My specialty is personal finance, but I'm ready to research and write about anything. I also have extensive experience writing about education, leadership, parenting, travel, and designing your own life. 

What do you expect from your clients?

My ideal client is one who knows what they want! Do you want a writer to produce content weekly, monthly, or a one-time gig? What's your target word count and subject? What's your deadline? I do my best work when you, the client, have a clear vision for the type of content you need for building your business. We'll chat via email, Skype, or other means so that you can communicate your specific needs. 

What is the process for hiring you?

Clients contact me by email for the initial conversation. We'll determine a mutually beneficial plan of action and then hammer out the details. We'll fill out a basic assignment contract together. I invoice clients upon completion of work and generally expect payment within 30 days.

What's your typical turnaround time?

There is really no "typical" turnaround time, but I complete most of my writing within one week. I work on a case-by-case basis and determine the turnaround based on the client's needs. While I schedule my work in advance, I am also able to complete certain work assignments on a tight deadline (24 hours or less!) if needed. Never fear; the work I do for each client is given equal attention to detail and excellence!

What do you charge?

My rates vary depending on factors such as the depth of research required and length of article. I typically charge per word or per article up to a certain word count.  

What about proofreading or editing services?

Yep, I'm thrilled to take care of that, too! Whether you need simple editing of a blog post or more in-depth proofreading of content, I'll use my eagle eyes to track and eliminate all errors from the work. Let me take care of the pesky grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other English-language conventions so you (and your clients) can focus on the bigger picture!